How Much are Your Chase UltimateRewards Points Worth?

We value Chase UR points at 1.25 cents

Getting the most for your hard earned Chase UltimateRewards credit card points can be difficult.  That’s where we come in.

How to best use your points:

Bad Redemptions (typically)

  • Redeeming UltimateReward points for cash yields 1x return (1c per point).
  • Cashing in UltimateReward points for gift cards yields 1x return.

Good Redemptions

  • Buying travel through the UltimateRewards portal will only yield a 1.2x return but can be a good redemption if you must use points for flights, especially for inexpensive routes.
  • Transferring points to Marriot (1.5x return)

Best Redemptions

  • Transferring points to British Airways for last minute and/or short haul (<500 miles) flights.
    • No late booking fee.  Saves $75 plus any discount by transferring points versus using cash. (1.5x to 6x return)
  • Transferring points to United for trips over 500 miles.
    • 25,000 miles roundtrip for main cabin bookings (1x to 4x return)
  • Transferring points to Singapore Airlines for long domestic trips (ie Hawaii)
    • Just 35,000 points for a flight between NYC and Hawaii (up to a 6x return).
  • Transferring points to Hyatt.
    • Great properties for a solid redemption rate (1.4x to 4x return).

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